How it all started
Fascinated by the world of coffee, the technology and the deep belief that your coffee results can be improved with coffee machines and you as a customer have the opportunity to prepare the perfect espresso at home, in 2011 in Germany the foundation for an innovative and innovative coffee machine was created successful company
Our idea was to develop high quality water filters and coffee maker cleaning products to extend the life of your coffee maker while increasing the quality of the coffee. In addition, thanks to constant cost optimization, we can offer our customers very attractive prices.
Due to the development of further products such as the coffee and pepper mills of the "TITAN Line" in 2015, the business development was always driven forward positively. This is also thanks to various innovations and our powerful research and development team.
Innovative solutions are still the basis of our work and should continue to ensure our independence as a successful company..



We want to create customer experiences with our innovative products and thereby inspire people all over the world

Corporate strategy

Our corporate strategy is to focus on differentiation rather than cost leadership in an increasingly competitive and predatory market. Differentiation means quality leadership, innovation and design. These three characteristics shape our company's success. The product line "TITAN" is the first foray into this direction.

We want to become the world leader in the premium coffee and spice mill market. We clearly distinguish ourselves from cheap mass products and focus on premium products. We anticipate needs and desires, and translate them quickly and effectively into innovative solutions.

The image of the GIRATEC brand plays a central role in the success of the product and is therefore developed and maintained by us. The management pursues three central approaches in our strategy. Customer-centric management, investment in process optimization and driving the digitization of the entire enterprise.

Our core competences are good partnerships with large and small companies, an international sales orientation and an innovative power that enables us to produce innovative products for satisfied customers. Driven by this differentiation, we will continue to develop further innovative products in the future and thereby open up new market segments.

* Strategy adjustment in the course of the reorientation of the company in 2018

Our Brand Aquatec

The brand Aquatec was launched in 2015 with the foundation and it allowed us the entry into the coffee market. Right from the start we had a great liking for good coffee and modern technology. That's why our slogan at Aquatec is "for a perfect coffee".

Every day we work to improve coffee results, our innovative products are the result. After years of research and development, today we can proudly present our high quality products. Quality, service and always being on the cutting edge of technology is a matter of course for us. Our products have been put through their paces to ensure the highest possible customer satisfaction.
Our filter cartridges, cleaning and descaling tablets help keep the coffee machine clean and improve the water quality for your coffee. If you use all of these components together and of course top up a high-quality coffee, nothing stands in the way of the irresistible coffee result.


Our internationality

We are an internationally oriented company, our priority countries in Europe are Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, France and England. Since 2018 we are also active in the Benelux countries Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg. For the year 2020 an expansion to North America and Australia is planned. Our priority countries are characterized by their high purchasing power and quality awareness. In addition, coffee and pepper are very popular in these countries and are consumed in large quantities

We rely on modern logistics channels and can thus guarantee fast deliveries. Most of our products are ordered online, to give you an easy and secure order, we have set up the Giratec online shop for you. You can track, inspect and order supplies 24 hours a day. As a company, we offer a variety of services, we are developers, marketers and logisticians, we are Giratec.


Our mission statement

At the center of our activity is the human being. We have set ourselves the task to meet his needs. A friendly, respectful, calm and courteous approach to the customer is our top priority.

While respecting human dignity and individuality and regardless of the social status of the customer, GIRATEC strives for the best possible advice and supply of innovative products. In order to achieve this, we rely on recognized and well-founded offers and services in the handling of which we have acquired special qualifications through qualification measures.

The employees represent our company positively in public through their personal appearance and behavior towards customers and other contacts.

We work cost-conscious and success-oriented and have a wide range of modern equipment and software. Reliability and full compliance with legal regulations, occupational safety and environmentally friendly work are among our working principles.

On the basis of proven scientific knowledge, we guarantee the holistic fulfillment of customer requirements through the use of modern technology. An important goal of our company is the permanent improvement of our services through the use of quality management and constant further education. We bring our expertise and our expertise actively through advice and information.

We work constructively with our partners and flexibly adapt to social requirements. We work as a team on our own responsibility in the respective areas of work and responsibility. Transparency, collegiality, openness and humanity are guiding principles. Each of our employees contributes an important part to the overall result of our company. We maintain an internal customer philosophy, that is, everyone also considers each colleague as a customer in-house. Only this approach makes a positive external customer orientation possible without restriction - the interior looks outward.

Our goals are satisfied customers and employees, social recognition and personal success based on serving society in a positive way.