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Our hand coffee grinders give you the opportunity to grind coffee in the best barista quality.


Technology that excites.

A newly developed drive head, which is unique in this form worldwide, locks it when it is pulled out. The positions of the lever position open or closed is determined by
Spring pressure pieces fixed. This allows the entire hand coffee grinder to be lifted and moved with the drive head. 


Functionality in design.

The GIRATEC hand coffee grinder fits comfortably in your hand and the drive head can be operated effortlessly and comfortably thanks to its innovative design. Noble nut wood rounds off the new design of this drive head.


Super stable materials, a sophisticated design, precise workmanship and a precision grinder from Switzerland maximize the service life of this hand coffee grinder and make it a companion for many years to come.


We are always innovating to improve the lifespan of our products. The longer the product service life, the lower the consumption of resources and energy and thus the CO² footprint of our products. In addition, we are already working with green electricity.


Perfection down to the smallest detail.

With the drive head removed, the coffee beans can be filled in without disturbing geometry. This is made possible by the innovative design of this hand coffee grinder, while at the same time care was taken during construction to ensure uncompromising stability during grinding.

swiss made 01.JPG


It is time to redefine the term "hand coffee grinder".

This precision grinder from Switzerland breaks the beans into thousands of uniform particles. That makes the difference! With this grinder you can grind coffee in barista quality.

swiss made 01.JPG

35% faster than the competition

By using a commercial 32 mm grinder, which is usually only used in fully automatic coffee machines and commercial coffee grinders  You grind the same amount of coffee in a much shorter time. This saves our customers 35% of their time.

Superior construction.

After 3 years of development, we can now present the new GIRATEC hand coffee grinder. In 1,200 hours of work and many tests, the experienced developer Peter Giselbrecht and his team developed a product that is ready for series production, which is now coming onto the market and will delight coffee lovers worldwide.

Aufgeschnitten GIRATEC Grinder BeschriftungV2.png


Image by eMotion Tech

Additive manufacturing

We use a wide variety of manufacturing methods from classic CNC manufacturing to new additive processes. Depending on the component and material, a wide variety of production methods are more or less suitable. Our team examines the best manufacturing method for our components, some of which are already additively manufactured.



Specially developed for espresso lovers.

This hand coffee grinder from GIRATEC is particularly suitable for the preparation of espresso thanks to its precision and the 32 mm grinder from Switzerland. Consistency in the grind is key to good coffee.

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